Failing the Temptation of the Democrat Quotas and Spoils System

You’re a Democrat. Your party has grown and derived evermore of its core power and influence from a racial grievances, quotas, and spoils system. But you are a white Democrat, so other Democrats tell you that’s something you should be ashamed of. The temptation to steal some of that power and privilege for yourself from your party’s racial set-asides cookie-jar is great. Too great, in fact for a growing number of otherwise average white people to resist. The lengths that some of these people have gone to do this ranges from the bizarre to just plain opportunistic and unethical.

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Enter Elizabeth Warren. She looked in the mirror. She had prominent cheekbones. No, make that high cheekbones. Indians have high cheekbones. Ergo- Warren is an Indian! This also means all white people- nay, all people- with high cheekbones are also Indians!

Warren was listed as Native American in the Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania law faculty directories. Does anyone not think that created an advantage for her when she later went to get a job? Or get into politics?

Then, several people of actual Native American descent sent her DNA tests to put the allegation of lying about her heritage for personal advantage to bed. What did she do? She sent the kits back and stated “I know who I am.” (Source)

The best anyone has hazarded an actual figure for Warren’s heritage is 1/32 Native American, and then recanted on that. The Washington Post’s “Fact Checker” page has actually decided against judging the issue at all, offering “no rating”  (Source)

When CNN can’t even come up with a fig leaf for a leading far-Left Democrat, she is on shaky ground. When you refuse the most easy and basic test to clear your name, that is proof positive that she is a liar.

This is what ACTUAL cultural appropriation looks like!

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List of Racial Shysters: Shyster #1 Elizabeth Warren

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Communist China Announces Intent to Remove Term Limits on Presidency

On February 25th, 2018, a step backwards was made by Communist President Xi and the Chinese Congress to dismantle their constitution and the progress made in the 80’s to move from dictatorial Maoism towards a representative government:

“The Communist Party of China Central Committee proposed to remove the expression that the President and Vice-President of the People’s Republic of China “shall serve no more than two consecutive terms” from the country’s Constitution.

The proposal was made public Sunday. ” (Announced on XinhuaNet)

The extent of the move back to a cult of personality goes deeper than just this action. It includes an amendment to insert Xi’s political philosophy, bearing his name, into the Chinese constitution. This has been done only two times before, the foremost figure being Mao Tse Tung.

“The ceremonial legislature, the National People’s Congress, prepares to amend China’s constitution to remove the previous limit of two consecutive five-year terms from the presidency and vice presidency. The amendment also calls for inserting Xi’s personal political philosophy into the preamble of the national constitution. With the changes expected to pass near unanimously, nothing appears to now stand between Xi and remaining China’s top leader indefinitely.” (Source)

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Rise of Tyranny on the World Stage

First Russia:

“[President] Putin… did not change Russia’s constitution but maneuvered around it by installing a loyal ally in Dmitry Medvedev to serve as president for one term, while he retained the real power as the country’s prime minister — before returning in 2012 for a third term as president.” (Source)

…and now China have taken steps to move back toward dictatorships and bypass/dismantle political limits on time in key leadership roles:

“…[President] Xi places considerable stress on the law as a justification for, and tool of, Communist Party rule. “No organization or individual has the power to overstep the constitution or the law,” he told a meeting of the party’s central leadership on Saturday. In other words, if Xi stays, the constitution has to reflect that.” (Source)

Both Russia and China are powers hostile to the US. These changes are a net negative for the US and freedom in general across the world stage.

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Think You Know Trump?

Beyond all the hype and disinformation, here is a brief insight into the actual, recorded words of the man elected to the Presidency of the United States in 2016.

As a leader ACTUALLY doing what he said he would do, take 5 minutes and see the accuracy with which he accessed the social/political landscape, and see where he is taking us:

And if you got through the whole speech, could you see Obama, Hillary, or any Democrat thinking this, let alone extolling these pro-American views?

Trump is looking out for our country in the way you would expect the highest leader to do so- not apologizing for it, and/or trying to unravel it for personal gain or to curry favor with others.

Trump to Meet with Kim Jong Un

On March 6th, 2018 it was announced that
dictator Kim Jong Un reached out for a meeting with President Trump via South Korean intermediaries. The initial focus of discussions would ostensibly be on the de-nuclearization of North Korea.

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Initial Analysis:

  • North Korea is a bad actor that has periodically made waves on the international stage to maintain relevance, but mostly to negotiate or make bad-faith promises to gullible Western powers in exchange for money, fuel, food, or other critical resources that the dictatorship needs to prop up its failed state and poor economy. This bad diplomatic trend began with Bill Clinton’s administration (the failed 1994 Agreed Framework) and has been repeatedly used by North Korea over the past 2 decades. Its most likely that Kim Jong Un will try this same pattern again with Trump.
  • This current event is considered initially positive as Trump is a realist that will not make empty or ineffective agreements with North Korean that will hurt the security of the US for personal political legacies like Obama’s disastrous Iran ‘deal’.

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An Officer was on the Scene during the Shooting and did Nothing

This update is tied to the topic of a society that has the will to resist.

If we cultivate a weak, dependent society that waits for other to act, then we are a declining country. An example of this surfaced in the recent reporting on the Parkland school shooting:

“[Florida Deputy Scot] Peterson was near the shooting site for four minutes of Cruz’s six minute rampage. But instead of the armed, trained officer engaging Cruz — something that could have saved several lives — Peterson remained outside, taking shelter behind a concrete barrier, according to authorities who viewed surveillance film.” (Source)

America was founded on the idea of a dynamic, self-sufficient citizenry. This is enshrined in our founding documents around the primacy of the individual and individual rights. If we find and/or train these dynamic, self-sufficient people to be among us, we will win the fight against this sort of violence and horrific societal trend. If we stand around like dependents and cowards, live are lost and this evil spreads.

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CNN Actor in Gun Control Debate Instead of News Organization

CNN continues to be a political actor in current events vs. being a neutral news organization reporting what others do. They face charges of providing scripted answers to attendees of the ‘townhall’ they hosted with a crowd of emotional teenage students from Parkland FL, community members, as well as various FL lawmakers, law enforcement, and a spokesperson from the NRA.

Colton Haab, a potential attendee from Douglas HS told a local Florida TV station he declined to appear at the network’s town hall on gun violence, because CNN wanted him to read a scripted question. He said CNN rejected his proposed question/solution on having armed military veterans protect schools as a discussion point.

CNN insists it did not provide or give scripted questions/responses to any of the participants at Wednesday night’s televised town hall at the BB&T Center.

The event was attended by Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Bill Nelson, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel, and NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch.

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